We help our customers decarbonise with low carbon hydrogen

We fund, develop, own and operate hydrogen production facilities to provide our industrial customers and heavy transport operators with a reliable and efficient source of energy.

Our services include providing investment, helping to access government subsidies, conducting feasibility studies and designing, building, operating and maintaining hydrogen production facilities for their full timeline. Our team has unrivalled expertise to guide your decarbonisation journey every step of the way.

Plans approved for groundbreaking Bradford hydrogen production facility

We’re been granted planning permission from Bradford Council to build one of the UK’s largest, state-of-the-art hydrogen production facilities. The development will be located on the old Birkshall gas storage site on Bowling Back Lane in Bradford and will produce low carbon hydrogen which can be used to decarbonise vehicles and industry.

Why N-Gen?

N-Gen has a unique investment outlook and set of expertise to bring to our clients in the UK net zero market including:

  • Long-term infrastructure investor with diverse energy portfolio, strong credit rating and capital to deploy.
  • Leveraging skills, knowledge and experience gained through planning, delivery and development of Northern Gas Networks hydrogen research and development projects. These projects include H21, HyDeploy and Redcar Hydrogen Community.
  • Deep expertise in owning and operating energy assets – regulated and non-regulated energy infrastructure assets across the globe.
  • Well-practised discipline of starting with clarity of strategic intent and finding solutions that fit.
  • Experience of planning, designing, building & optimising energy systems in a highly regulated industry and have reliability and resilience built in.
  • Committed to involving stakeholders and communities in the development of innovative energy solutions.


The date by which the UK has legislated we reach Net Zero, meaning the amount of carbon we add to the environment does not exceed the amount we remove


The amount of low carbon hydrogen the UK Government is targeting to bring online by 2030


Over £2bn of revenue support from the government for Hydrogen Production Business Models in the first round of funding