The Team

Welcome to our team. If you’d like to get to find out how we can help you transition to a cleaner greener future, please contact us directly.

Neil Travers, Business Development Manager

Neil has over 20 years experience in the gas industry. Following an engineering apprenticeship and a decade working in field operations, Neil moved on to the delivery of gas mains replacement projects, emergency repair activities and network operations.

Neil then spent five years in Northern Gas Networks’ Energy Futures team, determining the compatibility of existing gas operational standards, policies and procedures with 100% hydrogen. He also led the world’s first conversion of an existing natural gas network to 100% hydrogen and subsequent programme to test gas distribution operations with hydrogen. Neil is committed to working collaboratively and chaired the joint network and industry Hydrogen Training, Standards, Policies & Procedures Working Group.

Neil joined N-Gen to work with clients in heavy industry and transport sectors, using his experience to support them in replacing carbon intensive fuels with low carbon hydrogen.

Gareth Mills, Managing Director

Gareth has over 25 years’ experience in the Energy and Utilities industry. He started his career as an economic adviser to the UK government on energy related issues, before progressing through senior regulatory and commercial roles at National Grid, Yorkshire Water, British Nuclear Fuels and Northern Gas Networks. Gareth joined N-Gen to take up the role of Managing Director in 2023. He has a BA (Hons) Economics and MSc Energy Economics degree from the University of Surrey.

David Pearson, Finance Director

For 25 years David has held senior finance, commercial and regulatory roles across the UK’s utility, energy and banking sectors. David is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) with a BA Economics degree from Newcastle University. He has led successful commercial bids for data services and asset infrastructure provision contracts in the utility and energy sectors and has assessed and modelled multi-billion-pound acquisitions for the CKI group. David joined N-Gen as Finance Director in 2023, having worked at Northern Gas Networks for almost 20 years, notably leading the RIIO-GD2 business planning process to secure over £1bn of funding and completing the modelling work to support the H21 Leeds City Gate report.

David Gill, Business Development Director

Prior to joining N-Gen, David was Head of Customer Energy Solutions at Northern Gas Networks. He has over 35 years’ experience in the energy industry and remains passionate about the future of energy. He has been involved in several pioneering energy futures projects including H21 and HyDeploy, liaising with industry partners and lobbying UK decision-makers on the role of hydrogen in a low carbon energy future. David has worked closely with local authorities and national government on hydrogen transport trials. Building on his whole systems experience, David now leads business development for N-Gen.

Mark Danter, Engineering and Client Delivery Director

Mark is a highly experienced chartered engineer with a proven track record of delivering multi-disciplinary energy projects including water, LPG, biodiesel, ethanol, white fuels and methane. Mark has worked for various consultancies and at Northern Gas Networks for over a decade, before joining N-Gen in 2023. For over six years, Mark led Northern Gas Networks’ work on hydrogen, developing strategies for the H21 suite of projects, including bid preparation and implementation of the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) and Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) projects. He was also previously Chair of the ‘Network Safety and Impacts Board’ which is led by the government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ).

Stella Matthews, Head of Programme and Business Operations

Stella has worked in the gas industry for seven years, predominantly gaining skills and knowledge about how hydrogen could be used as a solution for decarbonising the energy industry. In her former business development role at Northern Gas Networks, Stella was involved in the H21 suite of projects and helped develop and implement the company’s hydrogen strategy.

Stella was awarded the Ralph Halkett Travelling Fellowship,  leading to her completing a work placement with Powerco and First Gas in New Zealand.  She is currently completing a Sustainable Energy Futures MBA at the University of Strathclyde, the only UK MBA to specialise in this topic. The course is providing future leaders of the energy industry with the skills to deliver net zero, by improving understanding of strategy, market dynamics and energy developments. In addition, Stella is undertaking a Systems Thinking Apprenticeship to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to make sense of our increasingly complex world and approach problems to develop effective action, which enables systems change.