Our Services

Working across the end-to-end value chain; developing, funding, designing, building, owning and operating hydrogen infrastructure we can support you by:

  • Finding anchor load(s) and matching with land/sites, which support a commercially viable hydrogen production facility, integrating with the low carbon solutions where necessary/possible. 
  • Delivering options appraisal, commercial & technical feasibility study and FEED study services to clients and schemes in our target market. 
  • Bidding for HPBM and other subsidy funding, individually or as a partnership, for specific hydrogen production schemes. 
  • Being the provider of capital (equity) to our own schemes or developers of subsidy funded hydrogen production schemes. 
  • Providing a turnkey design & build service to our own schemes or other developers. 
  • Offering an operate and maintain service to hydrogen production facility owners.

Our end to end value chain offer includes:


1 Strategic Objectives
2 Net Zero Options /Opportunities
3 Assets (Financial, Physical, Capabilities)

Feasibility Study/FEED

1 Stakeholder & Social Engagement
2 Site & Environment
3 Demand
4 Production & Technology
5 Storage & Transport
6 Infrastructure & Energy
7 Equipment
8 Build & Conversion Programme
9 Financial Model
10 Operating & Commercial Model

& Planning

1 Funding
2 Contracts (Offtakes)
3 Partnerships / JVs & Shareholdings
4 Planning
5 Utility & Connection Applications
6 Network Entry Agreement (if applicable)

& Build

1 Detailed Design
2 Health and Safety
3 Project Planning and Management
4 Cost Planning and Management
5 Risk Management
6 Construction Management
7 Commission

Operate & Maintain

1 Strategic Objectives
2 Net Zero Options /Opportunities
3 Assets (Financial, Physical, Capabilities)